Nobelium [Re​-​Issue]

by Therein

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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Grand inconnu du metal prog, Therein est pourtant un groupe qui mérite amplement d'être entendu, et donc écouté. Techniquement, ça envoie, mais surtout Nobelium est très varié et évite les clichés du genre. à découvrir ; il n'est pas encore trop tard... Favorite track: Introspect.
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released December 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Therein Brisbane, Australia

Therein are a Progressive Metal band hailing from Brisbane’s inner suburbs. With influence from all across the musical spectrum, citing the likes of Frank Zappa, Opeth, Death, Dream Theater, King Crimson, and even Tom Waits; Therein is certainly a distinct beast to behold. Therein strives to push the limits of their musicianship and present audiences with something truly memorable. ... more

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Track Name: Plutus Unblind
It's no wonder people learn to hate.
When he was blind, he could not discriminate.
I find no comfort in this currency of greed.

Behold, the eminence of Plutus unblind.
"I wished not for this, only my sight.
But fear not, for soon your greed will burn my eyes."
Track Name: Introspect
I have not slept for days on end.
I've watched the sun rise and fall, and fall again.
I've spent far too long trying to find what made me this way.
It's right there in front of me.

"Without struggle, no progress, no result"

Who are you?
Ask yourself, who are you now?
Help yourself, self observe.
Wake from sleep.
Wake up.

I have not slept, for days on end.
At least I thought.
Now I see, I never woke up.

"Every changing of habit, makes a change in the machine."
Track Name: Mandoblues
Iron cast, and a heart of stone.
That's just the kind of man I try not to be.
But I'm just flesh and bone,
and this far out that doesn't help me at all.

I don't believe that it's the end.
I'll find my way out of here.
Who said my soul be damned?
I'll find my way out if here.

Skin is burnt, and I'm out of breathe.
Let me tell it's a long way home.
Devil's horns and the taste of death.
Let me tell you it's gonna be a struggle to get back.
Track Name: Audacious Erotica
Fingernails they dig their way into bliss, and it's blood red.
Beaten black and blue and charmed like an Indian cobra.

A piston pumping into headlights as fast as can be.
After this hit the bird can no longer breath.
Gasping, the piston continues til blood is brought forth.
Heaving intent violently into it's organs.

Salivated fingertips they're swiftly creeping in.
First one, then two, and then a taste of posterior sin.

Half way outisde the seventh floor, watching the clouds go by.
The buildings next door are upside down as she holds on for dear life.

As she hangs off the windowpane, blood rushes to her head.
With four knuckles in wrist deep, she's taking all the air.
Once shes beaten from the inside out she's almost content.
Now she needs a double fill, as she's teething on the bed.
Track Name: A Lamentation
I think I'm alone.
I turn the lights down, and sit down by myself.
Face in hand.
The room is silent, listen to myself breath.
Exhale, inhale. It's about all I can do.

Don't wanna sleep. Don't want to stay awake.
I guess I'll stay here, and try to think.
The words formed in my mouth, I should never say.
Not knowing is a blessing.
You never wanted me anyway.

Never knew how it could be.
Why does this happen to me.

You won't end me, I hope.

Just let me go.
Choking in your wake.
Glad to see you're gone.
But still, I follow you.

Behold, the sound of loss. And the colors of misery.
A catatonic silence that shakes the foundations of heaven.
And so, the solemn fury of sadness screams.
Track Name: Comprehension
What have I done, did I kill them all?
This is not me. I'm not myself.

The blood is on my hands.
I broke my own heart,
When I killed the one I love.

The skin beneath my nails,
A product of my own darkness.
Never was there a demon,
All along there was only me.

Never again shall I see the light die in anothers eyes.

And I should not expect a welcome home,
It's not something I deserve.

I've got to get myself away from here.
Far away.
Track Name: The Triune Brain
So it seems that our memories have failed us again.

How many times can we forget ourselves?
Ours is a problem not of the heart but of the mind.
Fragile, frightful, and in denial of the outside.
No will to adapt or understand.

Is it inherent, or is it learned?
The answer is clear for those who own their mind.
Is it mutual idiocy, or some kind of joke,
That we are doomed to live in the past.

Mind and culture are one and the same.
At the seat of our humanity - the brain -
Is the means for our survival.

Territorial tendencies and aggression.
Ancestral traits subvert us and feed ethnocentricity.
Fragile, frightful, and in denial of what's inside.
Discern our lower functions to advance.

Civilization reveals itself in the illustration of neural paths.

Mind and culture are one and the same.
At the seat of our humanity - the brain -
Is the means for our survival.