by Therein

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Abeyance 09:07
I've got a confession to make, and I hope it don't change the way you feel about me. I'm haunted by furry little demons, In the dead of night, I hear their screamins'. I hear them schemin', I hear them growl, No exorcist can drive them outta town. Their appetite - insatiable, Their table manners - detestable, And they ain't afraid of you. One time I found one eating chips in my kitchen sink, And when I confronted him he just looked at me and said, "Trichosurus Vulpecula nomem mihi est, quia multi sumus" So I gave him a push, I gave him a shove, And he disappeared into the night and took all of my food. Sometimes I hear them scratching in the walls, Sometimes I wonder if they're really there at all. But a pitter-patter on the rooftop, Shitter-shatter on the stairs, They've been munchin' on my garden again.
Enslaved by impulse, A loss of self control, When it's too late for warning, It's already taken hold. Do you really think you're safe from it? A neuro-chemical dependancy? Spreading like a disease within the mind, Is it a need, or is it a want? Or is it just a fault of evolution? Can you face your demons, or will you be consumed? In the corners of your soul, a shadow grows, Feeding on your doubt. A fear creeps into the blood, Drawing all your weakness out. You learn to mistrust anyone who hears your cry for help, Nowhere to turn, but you're spiralling, Where can you find some hope? Mistreated and misunderstood, No self control, it's taken hold. It's easier not to resist, The crawling chaos will sweep you away. It comes to us in many forms, And we are all susceptable, It's written in our blood. When it's too late for warning, it's already taken hold.
Spock 03:10
Time is liquid in your dreams, Stagnant, but flowing, A nebulous reality with thoughts and memories coalescing, Sometimes I can't find my way home. Through the threshold of waking and sleep, I only see the mark of one side, Slow, I feel the weight of a second world. As it dawns on me, Sometimes I struggle to see that I am leaving this world behind. So I compromise, And I fold the essence of what I have seen to create a fable from a dream. Eyes are open, Mind still asleep, Momentarily reconstruct reality. As I am dragged through the gate between dreams and reality, Slow, I feel the weight of the waking world.
Divide 05:08
Simplify, Simplify your world. There's no time, No time to think. Nevermind, what you know to be true. Identify or withdraw. Intense awareness, and profound suspicion, Dragging you down deeper. Sow the seeds of sabotage and self-deceit. Amidst the chaos and confusion, You believe that you know what's right for everyone. There is a need, a need to be right. Purity at the expense of fact. Desires and perversions, Intelligence and morality. You are not above your nature. Close your eyes, polarize. Simplify, there's no time. Identify, Divide.
Sláinte 04:54
Brunhilde 03:58
ALH84001 04:43
I found my path involuntarily, Knocked off course, a greater force drags me in. Gravity, steering my trajectory, Leaving pieces of myself behind, I accelerate. I carry my past in my very being, What will I have left when I stop? Density, from the closest light and the bodies it holds, I am steered to collide. Torn from the Eos Chasma, And thrown unto Earth. The matter contained within me, Will it survive re-entry? I am but one, of cosmik debris, With no control of my destiny.


released October 31, 2020

Original artwork by Fuyou Nagashima
Mixed by Cameron Whelan
Mastered by Krishan Meepe

Cameron Whelan - Guitars/Vocals/Synth/Bass
Ryan Boyd - Guitars
Charlie Limpus - Bass
Ned Gulliford - Drums/Vocals

Anuradha Keerawella - Flute
Richard Grantham - Viola
Andre Bonetti - Cimbalom/Horns
Jacob Hills - Horns
Krishan Meepe - Bass
Don Brooks - Vocals
Thalia Soultan - Vocals


all rights reserved



Therein Brisbane, Australia

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